Monday, July 19, 2010

Bio on "Rocksalt"

In the year of 2024, the land mass is torn and dark. During WWIV there was mass nuclear usage ionizing huge masses of radiation. A prisoner of war had a 90% consumption rate of the radiation causing his body to burn and morph. Luckily for him it serves as a benefit to this new world he knows as home. He now operates a junk yard, and his severe disfigured body has gained substantial muscle mass from the steroid injections served to reduce the radiation effects. His body accepted this change and became dependent on the vaccination and his body began evolving and producing this steroid Anadrol or (Oxymetholone). The burning of his flesh across his body broke down the molecules of the skin and fused with the sand of the area. Thus producing a sand paper like flesh, which is very rough and impenetrable. His extensor and flexor muscles of his right forearm have been so disfigured his hand has become part of large growth. Instead of a hand he has a large titanium ring inserted into this growth. From here he has a heavy duty chain used to pull large airplanes down runways during the wars. This chain acts as a weapon and a tool for his everyday activities. He also has a sweet tooth because of the steroid consumption, the structure of this steroid has high glycosides which causes another chemical dependency within his monstrous frame.
During research on this bio, I searched the measurements of radiation and how it reacts to the body and its tissues. Another, I looked up how steroid medicine and radiation for cancer patients works. I also looked at how sweet tooth dependencies start and become addictions, and how they can be linked to steroid uses. How some steroid structures have a sugar based compounds. Then the most potent type of steroid able to obtain large mass of muscle growth.

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